Old Wells

Whatever the problem, we can diagnosis and repair it!

No water or low water pressure? Read about our pump service.

Does your water get muddy when it rains? Depending on your type of well, it may not be properly grouted or the casing may not be properly seated in rock. There are a number of ways to repair a leaking casing, call us for details.

Don’t give up on an old well before checking with us. There are a number of ways a well can be repaired.

Video inspections. We are one of the few drilling companies equipped with a down-the-hold video camera to inspect deep inside your well.

Odors or staining? Smelly water and stained fixtures can be stopped with a filtration system.

Want your well cleaned out?
We also offer cleaning out of older wells.

Need to close a well?
North Carolina state law says any unused well must be properly abandoned. As a licensed well contractor we are certified to officially abandon a well that is no longer used.